Catherine Lazure-Guinard is an emerging abstract artist based north of Montreal, Canada.


She presents at a first glance the moving complexity of matter, but also the one of our environment through swift and organized, but always free, touches on the canvas. Using mostly brushes and knives, she creates overlapping layers and sculpted shapes, then revealing an intriguing profoundness that moves and inspires.


Her work is marked by light, movement and a love for details. It expresses a moment of admiration and wonders, filled with joy, peace and beauty. She aims to turn ephemeral instants into something more tangible and permanent. And the more you observe, the more you see.


Catherine works mostly with acrylic, oil sticks, pencils and charcoal. Her 9 years spent living in Denmark and in The Netherlands heavily influenced and crafted her overall artistic style.


She is also the editor and founder of Nordic Design, as well as an interior consultant and a driven, multi-passionate entrepreneur.